PASK: Our easy to use CMS

The hart of our websites.

PASK is a user friendly content management system developed by Pixelwerk Marketing. Based on PASK we can develop every possible website. There are no borders or limits in Design, Structure, Size or Functions. 




Its much more easy to use than most other CMS Tools like Typo3, Wordpress oder Joomla. You don´t need cost or time intense training for you or for your staff.

It is "concept-save". It protects the concept and structure of your website. With most other CMS you are always in danger to crash your website all of a sudden when you make a small mistake while updating content.

In case you run into questions while updating content on your website, you can always count on our phne and live support. 

  • PASK 4 - Das benutzerfreundliche Content Management System
    Viele neue Funktionen
    Einfach in der Bedienung
  • + Responsive
    + Komplett SEO tauglich
    "Mit PASK macht mir die Arbeit an meiner Website Spaß!"
    Es ist wirklich einfach zu bedienen
  • Technik - state-of-the-art
    Für Ihre Website
    Pask 4.0


A big variety of functions - All you need to get the job done

Text and pictures

Adjust text and pictures like you are used to from your word processing software. Fast and easy!



With the PASK video uploader you can integrate your videos directly in your website. Of course its also easy to embed youtube or vimeo videos. 

Offer Downloads

Offer PDF or other files for your visitors to download. Public to everybody or password protected only for selected customers. 

Perfect View

Predefined font and grid settings make sure the website has a constant visual appearance throught all pages. you don´t need any typografic knowlegde .



Our SEO tool is the tool our SEO experts are using to rank your page in the search engines.


Chat & Newsletter

Offer your visitors an Online-Chat-Support and connect with them using our Newsletter tool. Stay in touch with your visitors and turn them into customers. Both Modules are available in the brand new PASK 4.0

Members area with user management

Offer a password protected section for your customers ore clients. You can make content available to all of them or special content for each client ( can be used for offers, contracts, delivery of virtual goods and so on.The possibilities are unlimited ). 

Smartphone content

You even can provide different content for Desktop or Smartphone users. All managed in 1 single system.


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