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Your Website optimized for Smartphones.

Responsive Webdesign will make your website fit on all the different screen sizes and devices. From Smartphones over Tablet and Desktop PC up to Smart TV.

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responsive webdesign

A website has to fit on all screesizes...

At the moment already about 20% of all people surfing the web using smartphones or tablets. And this numbers are growing day by day. Also keep in mind that a lot of people using Laptop computers with special screen formats, that´s another 15%. So you can expect at least 35% of the visitors of your website to use not a desktop computer.  

Also for this visitors you website must deliver a perfect user experience!

Try on your own...!

Resize your browser window, make it small, big and play around with it. You will see, this website fits on all sizes and aspect ratios. The content gets adjusted to the screen. The layout will change from a 2 or 3 column layout to a 1 or 2 column layout. When you make it really small the navigation will get converted to a smartphone navigation whic his much more easy to handle on a touch screen at your fingertips.

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responsive webdesign anteil smartphones und tablets
Responsive Webdesign mit Bootstrap

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