Web Applications

Web applications Examples:

Pask MLS its an integration of the US Multi Listing Real Estate Service Databases into your website. This is the perfect tool for any realtor to show all available objects on your own website in real time.

Pask Booking is a booking module for rental websites. It does not matter if you rent out vacation homes, boats or organizing special events. Pask booking can be customized exactly to your needs and will boost the booking experience on your website. The perfect tool to switch your website to autopilot! 

Pask FM is a very powerful web-based Facility Manager solution. The Facility Manager software very easy to access through a standard web browser offers a very easy to use, flexible solution to view and maintain activities across your portfolio. By centralising information and processes throughout the facility management lifecycle, Pask provides a secure, seamless flow of information across locations, divisions, operations, people and projects. It offers a single, holistic view of all facilities and maintenance activities, and can easily track every location, asset and person: analyze the processes, costs and efforts required for optimal operations, and understand the impact of acquisitions, utilization, maintenance, improvements, service provision and expenditures.


Pixelwerk software implementation services are aimed at enhancing and supporting the operating processes of organizations managing hard and soft Facilities Management services.

Our Implementation team consists of industry specialists and highly skilled technical experts with practical experience in managing clients of different sizes and backgrounds. From stand-alone systems that address immediate operational needs to enterprise-wide strategic solutions, we can help you achieve your optimum solution tailored to your business requirements.