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"we develop websites"

Developing websites, that is what we love and what we do. Since many years!
Due to our never-ending work optimizing our Systems, like our own CMS called PASK, we can say with proud: Our websites are state-of-the-art and using the latest cutting-edge technology.  

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Internetseiten erstellen

HTML5, CSS3, Parallax, Responsive Webdesign etc.
- we know what we do.

We use up to date programming techniques and the main rule of our developers is to write clean code. We don´t want to bore you with endless technical details. We better show you what we can do, so feel free to browse our website or some sites we made for our valued customers. Then you will see, we know what we do!
We develop websites which transport the message of our client to the customer.

We start our work with a free concept without obligations for you.

You can be sure: You will get what we promise. That"s why we start each project with an exact visual mock-up. You get a detailed layout of your future website, so you can see exactly what you will get.
If you don´t like our layout or Ideas for your project, the work we did so far is free and you don´t have to pay anything. That´s our promise and policy!

How much is a website?

Our rule: The price of the project is what the client wants to spend on it. But there is a minimum when working together start making sense: To develop a real Website you must plan to spend at least $1000. 
The price depends on many points: Which services do you need? Do you need just the website and you already have all your content or do we have to write all the content for you?. Do you want to add your content on your own with our easy to use CMS or shall we add all content for you?  Do you like fancy animations and a real eye-catching website? Do you need a shop? 

These are the factors the price is based on. Let"s talk about your project, personally, via phone or via E-mail. We find the perfect solution for your budget.   

Order your free, no obligations concept today!

We also take care of your website in the future!

The essence of a website is Content and ongoing analyzing and optimizing. Does it lack in dynamics, visitors will lose interest and will go away. If the search engines discover that your website has always the same content and nothing "happens" on your website, they will start to rank down your site and you will lose your traffic.

That´s why we invented: "Pixelwerk OPTIMUM Web" Our service for a long-term partnership to optimize and improve your website.  We plan together with you a strategy to keep your website alive and interesting. For the visitors and the search engines.  

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